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The Tourist (2010)


If The Tourist was a novel, it would be fitted into a paper cover colored in pinks and lavender.  Pure silly fun, sheer soft-core girl porn, The Tourist is a romance novel, the escapist fare of house-bound wives.  There is a beautiful woman (Angelina Jolie), a handsome man (Johnny Depp), a relentless detective (Paul Bettany) and his boss (former Bond, Timothy Dalton) and Rufus Sewell as The Red Herring, all gathered together on a Venice vacation.  Gondolas, speedboats, fancy dress balls, and elegant hotels abound with gunplay and chase scenes silhouetted against beautiful scenery.  The Tourist has an absurd plot with an improbable twist at the end, demanding that you believe in everlasting love and the fable of “Brazilian plastic surgery” that cost $20 million.  Can a serious-minded critic dismiss such a candy-box film?  Not me.  I ate the bon-bons, thank you very much.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

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